nbHits does not have same results in my query as in the dashboard


Trying to display the number of hits for our users we do a search like this with a date_timestamp filter:

const result = await transcriptIndex.search('"revenue"', {
  filters: "date_timestamp: 1680220800 TO 1688169599",
  restrictSearchableAttributes: ["speechText"],
  advancedSyntax: true,

Which yields nbHits of 316567.

When doing the same query in the dashboard with this custom query parameter:


{ "filters": "date_timestamp: 1680220800 TO 1688169599" }

yields 33K hits.

I’m trying to figure out what I’m missing here but obviously something is wrong when doing a query with the Javascript library. I know nbHits can be an approximation but getting 10x the amount in my query companred to the dashboard seems odd.


Including facets: ["*"], in the params seems to to do it. Why is that?