Need help with shortcode in template

I want to add an “add to wishlist” button from WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin to my woocommerce-instantsearch.php template.

<?php echo do_shortcode(' [ti_wishlists_addtowishlist product_id=""] '); ?>

I’m having a problem getting the product_id="" in the shortcode
Is this even possible inside the shortcode?

For now, I use something like this

<a class="tinvwl_add_to_wishlist_button tinvwl-icon-heart  tinvwl-position-after ftinvwl-animated"
				data-tinv-wl-product="{{ data.post_id }}"
				data-tinv-wl-producttype="{{ data.product_type }}"

this is not ideal because when the user reloads the site or leaves the page and comes back he loses the data if the product is already in wishlist or not


Hi @rd.intermac,

Thanks for contacting Algolia! I wanted to reach out and let you know that we provide the WooCommerce plugin as-is and do not have any specific support for this plugin.

In addition to Discourse, I would highly recommend posting on StackOverflow, where there is also a vibrant community that can give advice on your request!

Best regards,
Happy coding!