Need one facet to sort by refined, then alpha but I only have facet display options for "Count" or "Alpha"

I’m trying to sort one specific facet out of many as Alpha, while the rest stay the default of refined, then count. I added a facet-display for the odd man out, but the only options are Alpha, Count, or to pin specific values. If I set it to Alpha, my selected filters no longer sort to the front of the line. I tried adding a manual js sort on the results when a filter is selected, but it’s crazy buggy. Sorta works, sorta doesn’t. Is there a way to change the sort for specific instantsearch.widgets.refinementList? I’ve tried sortBy: (which only seems to be android or iOS), and sortFacetValuesBy:

Any help would be appreciated.

The issue has been resolved. Between the Guide and the API-reference, I missed something obvious.