Need Range select box

I want to implement a range with select boxes instead of sliders or input.

Would ais-range-input | Vue InstantSearch | API parameters | API Reference | Algolia Documentation be the best option?

Hi @cjlaborde,

In order to achieve this type of range selection, you would need to implement your own range input connector.

As part of this implementation, there is a min and max attributes provided which you can use to generate the two select boxes. You would need to add your own validation around this so that users could select a ‘to’ range that is lower that the ‘from’ range.

You would also need to add an event to call the refine method once both the ‘from’ and ‘to’ ranges have been selected which would then send the relevant min and max to Algolia to perform the search.

I hope that this helps you get started with this.

Best regards,

Thank you, got it to work properly.
Forget to thank you for your detailed answer.