Need to get highlightResult based on some string other than value passed in the 'query' attribute

I have a requirement where I have to get the highlightResult object based on some custom string lets say ‘red’ when I query with other string lets say ''zipcode-123123", becuase I wanted the result which matches the ‘zipcode-123123’ value of a attribute but I have to do highlighting based on ‘red’ .

following is the code implementation which I have currenlty.
            'query':  'zipcode-123123',
            'hitsPerPage': 1,
            'analytics': false,
            'restrictSearchableAttributes': ['zipcode'],
            'attributesToRetrieve': '*',
            'distinct': true,
            'typoTolerance': false,
            'enableRules': false,
            'removeWordsIfNoResults': 'none',
            'facetFilters': [
          (err, response = {hits: {}}) => {
                if (err) {
                   throw err;
                if (CommonUtils.isDefinedObj(response) && CommonUtils.isDefinedObj (response.hits[0])) {
                 hitObj = response.hits[0];

Using the above syntax where can I include the string ‘red’ so that my reponse hit Object contains the data which matches the ‘zipcode-123123’ and highlightResult Object containes the attributes which matches ‘red’.

Please help - whether there is any way to achieve this?