Need to protect search pages against automated scrapping - special use case (Already removed urlSync)

This is my use case:

  1. Disabled (removed urlSync) to do not display the full query in the URL when the user uses facets. This is done to minimize the risk of crawling/scrapping the entire index with automated bots/scripts
    This solved my first part of the problem.

  2. The second part of the problem for which I am looking for suggestions/ideas to implement it. I need to keep the URL hidden even if redirected from another page. I want to allow the user to go directly to a specific filtered subset.
    Example from another wizard web page, the user will have three buttons: “Colleges”, “Universities”, “Private Schools”. When the user clicks on any of these buttons, he will be redirected to the right filtered search page like: … ?q=app&hidx=test_training2&category=universities OR ?q=app&hidx=test_training2&category=colleges OR ?q=app&hidx=test_training2&category=private schools

Is is something achievable or are there better ways to implement this kind of ideas?


You could achieve what you are describing by using a secured api key that restrict access to a subset.

This will only let you access a specific index, and you can append search parameters to your query.

Please check our documentation regarding secured api keys.

Let us know if this help