Negated conjunctive faceting

I want to make a widget that lets me select a conjunction of negations. For example, I have a bunch of product records with lists of ingredients and a category for those ingredients.

Here is an example record.

  "name": "Test product 1",
  "ingredients": [
      "name": "Milk",
      "category": "Dairy"

I have a widget that filters for products WITH a conjunction of ingredients, but I need it to filter for products WITHOUT those ingredients, or perhaps without any ingredients of a category.

So a filter like…

    "filters": "NOT'Milk' AND NOT'Butter'"

What’s the best way to do this?

Hi @patrick3,

We don’t support this kind of feature out of the box with InstantSearch. To solve your use case you have to create your own RefinementList with the help of a connector. Here is an example similar to your use case implemented with connectRefinementList.

Hope that helps!