Nested query in algolia


Hi team,
I have a JSON structure like this. How can i query using this attribute (4549846717643) and get the quantity.

Let me know is it possible to nest an object like this in algolia.

simple_products: {
‘4549846717643’: {
size: {
eu: ‘36’,
uk: ‘3.5’,
us: ‘5.5’
quantity: ‘100’
‘4549846717681’: {
size: {
eu: ‘37.5’,
uk: ‘4.5’,
us: ‘6.5’
quantity: ‘56’


Hi there, you can’t directly target this part of your JSON. You need to either get the root object first using and then take what you want from it.

Or revisit your index structure and put every simple_products subobject into its own object/record in Algolia where 4549846717643 would be the objectID.

You can then use the distinct parameter to group results:

good luck!

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Hi @vvo thank you so much for your reply.