New account is slow indexing? Still zero records

I am opened my account since a day ago, and my indices is still at 0 records. I was told Algolia would crawl and do this part themselves?

What am I doing wrong? My AppID is 3KZ6FG1R3F I have given Algolia sufficient access to do what they need to assess my situation. Thank you.

Hi @danjp,

The way Algolia works is in three steps:

  • index the data => you use the API client/framework of your choice to push data from these affiliate databases to the Algolia hosted index
  • configure the data => set the ranking and relevance to get the search results your users want
  • setup search => utilize one of our frontend libraries to enable your users to search through your Algolia index

I’m including here a link to “What is Algolia” in 45 seconds for a quick overview:

You can learn more about how to setup Algolia using our getting started documentation: