New Autocomplete Tags plugin! 🔮

We just released the new Autocomplete Tags plugin :tada: This plugin lets you apply and manage a list of tags in your autocomplete.

Tagging is a generic way of representing the concept of refinements for a wide variety of use cases. It ranges from filtering items to navigating in sections, indicating a special state, etc. Users can use tags to visually indicate something, or derive a new state from them.

At Algolia, we use tags to let you filter documentation results right in the searchbox (like this).

Here are some interesting use cases for tags:

Refining the current search

The most common use case for tags in an autocomplete experience is filtering.

For example, you could search into a set of predefined filters right from the search box using Algolia’s search for facet values feature, and apply them without leaving the keyboard by hitting Enter . Or you could create an Amazon-like experience with a list of categories next to your autocomplete.

Head over to our Filtering Results with Tags guide to learn more.

Scoping your search

If you’re using Autocomplete to build a command palette like Alfred or Raycast, you might want to use tags for scoping the search experience. For example, when using Raycast with the GitHub integration, you can hit a command to search in all GitHub issues.

You can use Autocomplete as a navigation device to browse nested hierarchies, and use tags as a way to represent the current navigation step.

Getting started with the Autocomplete Tags plugin

The Tags plugin is available starting from Autocomplete 1.4.0. Head over to the plugin’s documentation to learn more, and get in touch on GitHub.