New Customer - 5 days and counting for reply from Algolia


Hello Algolia Team,

We were really impressed with Algolia having gone through solutions offered, detailed case studies and customer testimonial videos.

All our excitement quickly fizzled away!

Having to wait over 5 days just to discuss our use case was extremely disappointing.
We did receive 1 generic reply to our initial request:

  • Where is the HQ of the company?
  • Do you have more or less than 100 employees?

This leads us to assume Algolia’s primary focus is organizations belonging to “over 100 employees club!”

We were prepared to discuss our specific requirements and sign up for the right plan, unfortunately the on-boarding experience has been a massive let down.

Algolia remains an excellent product however we never had the opportunity to experience for ourselves.


We did setup an Algolia account to post this feedback.

Hoping the feedback at least helps with improvements for significantly better on-boarding experience for all future customers including Algolia’s target customers - Organizations with over 100 employees.


Update: 02 April 2019

Took over 2 weeks to establish communications with the right person. Will keep my fellow developers informed of the experience from here on, hopefully with some good news.