New Discourse search powered by Algolia - look up and try it out! 👆

:male_detective: :female_detective: Hmm… something looks different?

This week you may have noticed a change in the header of our Discourse. Unlike Github, the header did not change from white to black.

Instead… a new search box appeared!

algolia autocomplete

We have installed the new discourse-algolia plugin we’ve been building, which is open source and now available in beta to anyone who’d like to try it.

We’d love to get your feedback on the search or help you install it if you also have a Discourse. Here’s where to go:

I’ll share more soon about how we built it and how the relevance is configured. Particularly with how we split and rank text within topics, there may be some learnings you can apply to your projects.

Until then, happy searching! :nerd_face: :mag_right:


Cheers !!!Cheers cheers