New features for Algolia's Magento 2 extension 🎊🛒



Hello there!

We’re happy to introduce our latest version of the Algolia extension for Magento 2, version 1.10.0 :tada:
With the previous 1.9.0 version we released, it brings some nice new features to Magento!

It is not available on the Magento Marketplace yet, but you can find it on GitHub or upgrade directly using Composer.


Landing page builder

The landing page builder lets you easily create dynamic landing pages based on Algolia results, to boost your organic reach.

You can now:

  • Create new pages in a few clicks, displaying the Algolia results for a certain keyword
  • Fine-tune your SEO by adding content, promotional banners, and more
  • Promote specific products and offer tailored results thanks to our merchandising tool

How you can use it:

  • Create promotional pages for limited campaigns and special sales.
  • Catch traffic from search engines for products you don’t have yet, and advertise alternative products.
  • Offer dedicated pages to your most popular search queries, to improve conversion.

The landing page builder is available starting for the Pro plan.

Analytics overview

We’ve added a new analytics page within the extension. It displays the exact same data at as you have on the Algolia dashboard, only you can stay within your Magento store to access it.

New support page

We’ve created a “Help & support” page to make it easier for you to find documentation about Magento.
The page makes it possible to search among the documentation, the discourse posts and gives access to the Magento videos we created recently.

If you are eligible to extension support, you can access a contact form to reach out to our support team directly. The message sent will give the team some context as to which Magento and extension version we are dealing with, to help provide a better support.


SEO improvements

We have improved the way URLs are displayed to be more SEO-friendly. URLs have a new format for:

  • Search results page
  • Category pages that are displayed using Algolia

We have also improved the rendered HTML of these pages, that now matches products displayed on the page.

Example of URL before:

Example of URL after:

Performance improvements

This new version brings some performance improvements. We’d be happy to hear how this helps you saving time!

  • Indexing performance: the indexing time of a configurable product should be dropped by 60%.
  • Indexing queue settings: We lowered the number of jobs to run and increased number of processed products, which reduces the overhead of SQL query

Fixes and other improvements

  • Products are reindexed when the catalog rule is applied. The extension is now subscribed to changes in price index.
  • Reindex SKU form has been improved.
  • Fixed IE11 (ES6) compatibility
  • Fixed displaying of product count in categories for autocomplete menu
  • Fixed issue when it was not possible to select more than 2 attribute values for back-end filtering

Backward compatibility break

We’ve refactored the setSettings method and this breaks compatibility. The set settings functionality was moved from Helper\Data class to the newly created Model\IndicesConfigurator class.

Please check our release note for full details on improvements and fixes!

New documentation

The extension’s documentation was moved to the official Algolia documentation, with a brand new design. As we’re working on improving our documentation, expect some new content soon!

Help us further improve our extension

We’re working hard everyday on making our extension better. That’s why we’re looking for Magento 2 users who would be willing to take part in user interviews. Is this you? Start by filling out this short survey please!

We hope you’ll enjoy this new version and let us know if you have any feedback :grinning::pray: