New Image Size disappears within a day

I created a new image size and added it to function.php . After that, I clicked reindex in the admin panel and saved the settings. Everything is displayed normally, but after a day I get an error that this size does not exist and only after reindexing does everything work again. What could be the problem?
add_image_size( ‘full’, 500, 300, true );
add_filter(‘algolia_post_images_sizes’, function($sizes) {
$sizes = ‘full’;
return $sizes;

Michael from WP Search with Algolia plugin support here.

The only two things that I can think of that may be affecting this would be if you’re perhaps persistently clicking the “push settings” button and/or changing settings in the configuration area of However that doesn’t make sense either because this isn’t a setting, this is a “what gets indexed” detail.

The other would be the use of the name “full” because that’s an image size already used by WordPress. I’m wondering if “custom-full” or anything else would provide more consistent results, at least for the dimensions you’re trying to use.

Also this shouldn’t be a detail that just “expires”, unless you’re somehow constantly re-indexing everything, because once the properties/values have been set, they should persist until that given object gets re-indexed. It shouldn’t just unset itself.

Thanks, I’ll try changing the name of the image size and see if it changes anything. But yes, it surprises me that everything works after indexing, but then an error appears.

Enable error logging in WordPress to capture any errors or warnings related to image processing or indexing. This can provide valuable insights into the root cause of the problem.