New merchandising feature for Magento 2 🛍

We’re happy to introduce our latest version of the Algolia extension for Magento 2, version 1.11
Here’s what you can find inside:

New feature: Query merchandiser

With our previous versions, you could merchandise categories or landing pages using Algolia.
It is now possible to promote, add or demote products for any given search, thanks to the query merchandiser.

Available in the newly created Merchandising section, the query merchandiser allows you to influence the search results for all queries, by drag and dropping products where you want them to appear.

You can now, for a specific search query:

  • Add a promotional banner at the top of your search results
  • Influence search results by adding, promoting or demoting products thanks to our visual merchandising tool

How you can use it:

  • Redirect to specific promotion pages for all searches related to this promotion
  • Promote high performing products for popular searches
  • Add related products to searches with no results

The query merchandiser is based on Algolia’s query rules and is available from the Business plan.

Compatibility with B2B module

We are now supporting the B2B features of Magento Commerce (EE) editions: Catalog Permissions and B2B Shared Catalog.

Improved performance

For the past 2 quarters we worked on refactoring and improving performance of the indexing part of the extension.

We identified the biggest bottlenecks in the products indexing and overcame it by rewriting code for fetching child products, adjusting default configuration for indexing queue to reduce the impact of SQL queries overhead.

At the same time, we refactored indexing of categories indexing and categories can now be indexed by batches, which really improves reliability and performance especially for stores with bigger amount of categories.

We also reworked indexing queue to prioritize real time changes and make them propagate to Algolia immediately even when there is a full reindex in process. This helps to keep search data consistent resulting in better customer experience.

Help and documentation

In addition to the Help & Support page we had released in a previous version, we have changed the way we display links to the documentation, and we added new resources: you have access to tutorial videos right from the configuration pages.

Fixes and other improvements

We also brought these improvements, among others:

  • Refactored queue mechanism and improved queue interface
  • Better UX and copy on Analytics overview page
  • New frontend hook: afterAutocompleteStart
  • New backend hooks:
    • algolia_get_attributes_to_filter (add filters to generateSearchSecuredApiKey)
    • algolia_product_collection_add_additional_data (add additional data to product collection from collection)
  • When InstantSearch Result Page is disabled, replicas are no longer created
  • Pulling URLs of correct image types
  • When “All Departments” string is translated, the Suggestions functionality is working fine

You can find the full list on our changelog.

Help us further improve our extension

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To see the steps to upgrade to this new version, checkout our dedicated documentation page or go to the Magento Marketplace.

Thank you!