New version of Algolia for Magento 2 is out 🚀

Hello folks!

I’m super excited to announce the new version of Algolia’s Magento 2 extension is out and it brings a bunch of new features!

New features

Infinite scrolling
You called for it and now you have it! :slight_smile: No more annoying paginating for your customers. Offer them a smooth browsing of your catalog while staying on the same page. Just turn it on in Algolia configuration in Magento and you’re all set!

Standard pagination:

Infinite scrolling:

Adaptive images
Have your users been searching for a black jacket, blue t-shirt, or orange shorts? And all they got was a results page full of images of products of different colors? It won’t happen to you again. The extension now indexes images of all colors and whether you’re searching for an item in a certain color or filtering by color, the right images will be displayed on the results page.
No more confusion and frustration for your customers.

Prevent backend rendering
Don’t let your customers wait to load and generate all pages on server when Algolia extension re-renders the page on the frontend anyway. The extension now comes with an experimental feature to disable HTML generation of a catalog on your server.

It removes all HTML of the catalog from generated HTML code. This means that search crawlers like Googlebot, Bingbot and others might not find all your products and remove some pages from their indices.

Before enabling this feature, please read the documentation and make sure you watch your traffic from search engines.

Search for facet values
If you have a large store with a lot of attributes and their values, you’ll definitely benefit from the search for facet values feature. The feature adds a search bar on top of your filters and lets your customers search for the right value… Search for facet values includes highlighting to make it as smooth as possible for the customers.

… and other improvements and bug fixes.

What comes next?

We’ve heard you’re missing custom sorting of products on category basis. And that’s exactly what you can expect from the next version.
If you use the extension for category listings, in the next version it’ll respect the order of products in categories as you set it in category configuration.

We need your feedback!

If you find any issues or think we miss anything, don’t hesitate to post on this thread or on GitHub.



Hey Jan,
I appreciate the image issue, do prices, description etc update as well if they are different? I have this question burning in my mind for Magento 1 for a while now (see other thread).
Also, can we expect to get these features in magento 1 as well?

Hello @alex1,

for now we plan it only for images as prices has more complicated logic behind it. But in a long term it’s something we’d like to deliver.

Most of the features are implemented in M1 already, the rest is definitely coming :slight_smile: :rocket:

HI, would it be possible to change the image based on a different attribute such as sku or variant?
We don’t have colors but do for example have different type of materials of for example a set of screws.