New widget or extending an existing one?


I’ll need to create a modal with 3 different filters (see Pasteboard - Uploaded Image).

The user can then select as many options as they want from all these different filters and when they click on the confirm button, filters will get applied and results will be filtered based on their selection.

I was thinking about extending the RefinementList component but it looks more appropriate to build a custom widget.

Any thoughts?

Hi there!

My advice would be to make use of the powers that the RefinementList component provides, but override the rendering using a connector.

Have fun implementing, let me know if you have any problems!


Hi Devin,

thanks for getting back to me.

I don’t have much experience with the instantSearch library but I think the problem with that solution would be that filter 1,2 and 3 are different attributes so I guess I can’t pass multiple attributes to the RefinementList component. Am I wrong?

Would you mind adding a little example of how you would achieve this please?

Thank you,