New York City Boroughs

is it possible to search by Boroughs for New York City? I’ve tried it with Algolia places but the results are different from Google places. I know they’re not the same, but, I would like to know if this can be achievable with Alogia Places. Thanks in advance.

Google Place with City limit

Algolia with type ‘City’ settings


If I understand what you are trying to achieve correctly, you would like to only have a single Manhattan record appear when searching for the Borough. Is that correct?

If so, this is unfortunately not currently possible due to the way New York City is structured in OpenStreetMap, as Boroughs are ranked too low to be considered cities, and we do not yet support sub-city administrative search.

We are aware of the special case that New York is and are looking for ways to improve the search in this area, but I don’t have a roadmap to share as to when we’ll tackle this issue.

Hi Johathan,

Thank you for the reply. I understand that this is the limitation with OSM. However, I tried search Manhattan with and I think it has a result. Sorry if I this might sound weird, but, uses OSM right?


Yes, the data is present in OpenStreetMap. Unfortunately, it is located in a layer that is outside of the ones we can reliably import. I am simplifying a bit here, but basically, the boroughs of New York are located in the suburb layer, which we do not export as is but can leverage to augment the city layer, and we don’t want to import suburbs as is, because that would create a lot of records that would be irrelevant for most searches, and the suburb data has also been demonstrably incorrect in many areas of the world. Additionally, we do not have a reliable way to add special rules that would be specific to the area of New York only, when considering what we want to remap and use as a record.

While being able to do so would be really powerful, it also would require us to rework profoundly some parts of our processing pipeline, and that is assuming that we find a good way to adapt rules to certain very specific parts of the world. All of the hypotheses we have tested - to allow this flexibility - have been proven wrong in one part of the world or the other.

Thank you for clarifying it out Jonathan.