Newbie Questions on startup

  1. Can you please direct me to the actual steps to convert my demo UI into a link that I can point to or embed into my web page?
  2. Using your API in my wordpress site only allowed me to search within my posts for names and tags, etc…but I would want my index from algolia to be the primary database to use within my website. I hope that makes this question clearer.
  3. I also used your api settings in orchard and entered the keys manually, but it did not integrate with algolia indexes so it did not work for me. Maybe I did something wrong, but i did try the manual entry of the API keys per the install settings.

Hi @alan,

  1. To embed a search experience in your website, I would recommend you use one of our frontend UI libraries: What is InstantSearch.js? | Algolia.
    This is also what is used inside the demo you see and is fairly straightforward to setup.
    Let us know if you have issues setting it up.
  2. In general we do not recommend using Algolia as a primary database.
    I’d love to hear more about what you are missing in the idea of using it at a database though.
    I you are looking at indexing the raw pages HTML content, then Algolia definitely isn’t a good fit.
    If it is to power the navigation of your website, then it is a good fit.
    Please give me a bit more context, I’m a bit curious now :slight_smile:
  3. The Orchard CMS integration is something maintained by the community. Could you open an issue here?: GitHub - Lombiq/Orchard-Algolia-Search: Orchard CMS module enabling search with Algolia (

Speak soon,