News from InstantSearch.js 2.2.5 and 2.3.0-beta.7

Hello everybody,

Super excited to give you some news about InstantSearch.js: a new patch version and a new beta for the next minor :tada:

The last update post was about 2.2.2. Since then we have released silently two patch versions and today we’re releasing a third one. This new version contains several fixes:

  • searchbox: fix usage of custom reset template (#2585) (aad92b9), closes #2528
  • numericSelector: make default value possible (#2565) (5664f98)
  • connectRefinementList: add label to searched items (#2553) (ec810fa)
  • refinementList: fix facet exhaustivity check (#2554) (0f1bf08), closes #2552
  • theme: searchbar should have normal size input (#2545) (50d99f0)

On the next minor, we have some new features and widgets coming up:

  • breadcrumb widget: a new widget to visualize the path of a hierarchical menu / navigation
  • range input widget: an alternative view to the range slider based on inputs (min max)
  • EXPERIMENTAL dynamically remove and add widgets. This is tagged as experimental because we are trying it extensively, it’s a major change in the core of IS.js. It might contains unforeseen edge case bugs. It is used on Angular-InstantSearch, go check it out if you haven’t already.

Well this new release is gonna be huge :D. It’s planned to be officially released in a week :slight_smile:

These releases wouldn’t have been possible without @iam4x @marie-laure.sin @samuel.vaillant @haroen and the whole InstantSearch team at Algolia.