Next 13 `app` router support for SSR result pages

I’ve already asked about this on Github, but am re-posting it here for visibility.

Is there a backlog item to investigate Next 13 app directory support for InstantSearch?

We ( are starting to rebuild our site in Next 13 and we would love to see support for the new app router. At the moment it looks like we’ll be using the app directory for the majority of our site, and it will be inconvenient to have to also set up page layouts, shared headers and footers etc to work with the pages directory just for InstantSearch.

Haroen Viaene replied saying:

We haven’t yet tried the beta app directory. At the moment I’m not sure where it would fit in, as they expect usage of fetch directly, while we use our own API client, and it requires knowing which widgets will be rendered in a two-pass process.

I would encourage Algolia to investigate this further as:

  • Next is a very popular meta-framework and their future direction will be largely using the app directory
  • The app directory uses the general React concept of React Server Components (RSC), the React team are excited about these and they’re going to become increasingly important for React users going forward
  • Use of the app directory results in less JavaScript being sent to our customers, and we all know how important speed is in ecommerce, so I imagine lots of Algolia customers will be interested in this as Next 13 and the app router adoption grows

The app router is still in beta, but 67% of the items on the roadmap are now marked as complete.


Any update on this, I’m also waiting for a proper solution.

Next.js App Router is now stable. Any update on this issue would be really appreciated!

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Any insights on roadmap plans for app router support in NextJS would be greatly appreciated.

Any update here? Really looking forward to it. I guess because it supports fetch with server side then serverSideProps wouldn’t bee needed.

Just noticed this update here for anyone else looking. SSR support for Next.js 13 `/app` directory? · algolia/instantsearch · Discussion #5413 · GitHub