NextJS SEO Friendly routing

I’ve recently been integrating a NextJS application with Algolia. Though have been having trouble integrating an SEO friendly routed URL.

I need to map various indices, with either a refinementList or Menu, then push these changes via route. Though when using my autocomplete, I don’t wish to look for the indice refinementList or Menu.

The NextJS Algolia example created back in 2017 below, which hasn’t had any recent updates works well, yet dosen’t suffice for my use case.

I have adapted my solution to match the new SEO friendly example within the recently updated documentation for ReactJS below.

Has anyone successfully integrated NextJS SEO friendly routing with various indices. If so what approach did you take?


Could you recreate what you’re trying to do in CodeSandbox and add an example of the kind of URL you try to get? It would really help us to understand your issue and see how to fix it.

You can use this template to start so you do not have to bootstrap everything: