No analytics, but I see metrics on dashboard

Hi all,
It’s my first project with algolia, so probably I’m doing something wrong.
I’ve created a simple autocomplete with 3 indexes - adoring-wu-fxrt7 - CodeSandbox
This is only a POC for a potential client.
The search works as expected - I get results from all indices, but I can’t get analytics to work.

On the overview (dashboard) I see usage and metrics:

but when I go to analytics I don’t get any values:

The idea is to know what queries are entered by the end-user and to show that data to the client, so he can fill the indexes with missing queries.

Hi @Tomasz

As per Search Analytics docs you don’t have to do anything to make analytics work. I’ve never done anything with the analytics, they are just there.

Taking a look at the test projects I have set up there is only decent analytics on one because that is the one I have done the most testing with. For the others I would need to extend the date range beyond the “last 7 days” to see anything. And based on your first image, it looks like no search request were made for the last several days.

I’ve read the docs and I say that. I’ve also extended the time period but nothing showed.
I was thinking that analytics will show instantly, but they need some time.
I logged into my dashboard a couple of minutes ago and now I can see my queries and results.
So there is some delay between querying algolia and data showing in analytics.

Yes, as per previously linked to docs

Search Analytics appear on the dashboard about 10 minutes after they occur.

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