No content returned in JSON response

Hi everyone,
Hopefully, this is understandable but I’m trying to make every page of my WordPress site searchable and when I Re-index the “get_post_page” through the plugin I never receive content in my JSON response, it’s always empty. I do get things like post_title, post_date, post_author, etc so I know it’s working and I currently have Algolia set up to search just the posts with the index “wp_posts_post” and that does work correctly with all the returned data.

Hi @web6, welcome to the discourse algolia community. When you say “never receive content in the JSON response” I assume you mean during search calls, not indexing correct? Have you been able to verify that there is content in the indices you would expect in the Algolia dashboard?

Actually I mean indexing, there’s no value for the “content” key in any of the objects in the index. I seem to get all other values just not page content.

Can you tell if the content attribute is field when you look at your index in the Algolia dashboard?

Also, can you copy paste the settings of your index here? Is the content field still retrievable?

Could you copy paste the json response?

Ok, hopfully these will be helpful: