No Default selection for dropdown (numericSelector) on page load

Hi All,

I am building a search for US Colleges based on IPEDS data. We are facing som issue while developing this search.

We have the list of States (label as state name and value as a number). We are trying to use dropdown for filtering the values, but when the page is loaded for the first time, it selects Arizona as default state and filters the result.

      container: '#school-state-selector',
      attributeName: 'state_id',
      operator: '=',
      options: [
        {!! $data['school_state'] !!}
      cssClasses: {
        select: 'form-control input-default bg-grey-cararra border-grey-steel font-grey-gallery'

How can I make sure when the page is first loaded it does not filter via state and also maybe add an option as “Any” to top of the numericSelector list.

Since are operator is “=” we are not sure how to handle this.

Any help is much appreciated.


Ok you should have been able to add an entry for “no selection” and use undefined as the value in the options. But it doesn’t work… I’m opening an issue on github

@Bobylito - Thanks. Will monitor the issue on github.