No _highlightResults being populated even though direct match

Hello, I am searching with a search string like ‘EventID = 248 AND ((Communities:“Assemblage”) OR (MajorCity:“Alamo”))’ - the search is obtaining the correct results, however, despite setting

			'attributesToHighlight' => [

The _highlightResults array does not seem to be returning correctly, it does not indicate any match:

3 => array:3 [
"value" => "Assemblage"
"matchLevel" => "none"
"matchedWords" => []

Hi Alex,

The way it is supposed to work, your search query terms should by highlighted, not the facet values you’re using to filter your results.

If you search for “Assemblage”, that word should be highlighted.
But if you filter on the “Communities:Assemblage” facet, the word “Assemblage” is not expected to be highlighted.

If I’m understanding your question right, you’re in the second case.

I hope this respond to your question,

Thanks Emmanuel,

You are understanding correctly, so there is no way to see and or highlight which Facets the results matched on? Highlighting is only available for the search string?

Hu Alex,

Yes, highlighting is only available using the search string.
You can select which attribute to highlight (and those can be facets).
But you can not highlight using a selected facet.

You can always use a custom implementation that highlight items in various widgets, but this is not provided out-of-the-box by instantsearch.