No images shown in algolia indices (From magento 2.4.3)

Since my magento update to 2.4.3, no correct image_url or thumbnail_url are indexed to my algolia indices. All my product have the default thumbnail defined in admin. However i can see all my images on my categories page, or product page. I do have them with the correct tags on the admin side as well.
I tried to run a full reindex, resize magento2 images using the cli, and i do not have any new jobs in the algolia con queue. And still no correct url stored in my indices.

On the magento side, my thumbnail URL looks like this:

Whats indexed in my indices looks like this:

Here’s the line in my composer.json for algoliasearch magento:
"algolia/algoliasearch-magento-2": "^3.2",