No knowledge but here to find out :)

Hi all

I am on here from the point of being a completely clueless person :slight_smile:
The back story is that with Google no longer providing an ad free service for 100 a year I want to get away from that and use Algolia but going from copy and paste to this is probably my biggest hurdle.

Hence now I am here to see if anyone has done what I am after before and if not if anyone can give me any sort of pointers as to what I actually need to do.

We use EKM (Ekmpowershop) and I am looking to replace their search feature with this one. I get that I have to send data to Algolia for the search to work and I have done the test UI (although the results need a bit of adjustment I get the general idea of setting this bit up).

The bit that I now have to deal with is code. EKM give access to their HTML code but aside from copy and paste I don’t really have enough knowledge to code something to get it to work.

Is there anyone that can help with this sort of stuff?