No Magento Pages are Indexed

None of my CMS pages are getting indexed. My categories and products indexed just fine. The only Magento configuration I’ve done for the CMS pages is add it to the “Additional Section” field; there’s nothing in the “Excluded Pages” field. In the documentation, it says that “by default all active pages are indexed…” under the How it works > Indexing section, but it doesn’t work in my case. I have about ~20 active CMS pages.

I’m running Magento v1.9.2.4 with the Algolia Community version. I’ve indexed and cleared the caches multiple times to no avail. Any help is appreciated.

Hello @SFBCoffee,

do you see any error while you run pages reindex?

@jan.petr No errors. Once I reindex all of the Algolia indexes in Magento, it’ll show them as successful indexes. Then when I check in my Algolia account, the last activity time on the Indices will be updated at 0 seconds ago.

@jan.petr Here’s something I came across: the Page index does not seem to work in the free Community plan. When I upgraded to the Essentials plan a while ago and reindex everything, the Page index records finally showed in my Algolia account. I can now search for my CMS pages in Magento.

I don’t recall seeing any restrictions about page indexes in the Community version. A bug, perhaps?

@SFBCoffee Not bug, but free plan has set a record size limit to 10kb. If you pages are longer than 10kb, it won’t get indexed. Essential plan has the limit set to 20kb.