No Results Refinement List

Hi all

Is there any way when I type into my search box to get results and I have refinement lists available but there are no refinements available in relation to what I searched that instead of displaying facets i can have something like “there are no refinements available for your search” appear instead. I looked in the documentation here:

And the only thing I can see is was the noResults option but this appears to be associated to having a search available to actually search through individual facets wheras I would like something similar but for my main searchBox.


Hello @dbarkerinbox

You can customize widgets by using the connectors API in order to display a specific message when you don’t have options for your refinement list.

For your usage you will need to use connectRefinementList :+1:

I hop this helps, feel free to ask anything else.

Cheers, Maxime.

Awesome, thanks! I will take a look at this.