"No Results" searches in analytics extremely high

Our No Results search rate is improbably high. Can anyone help me figure out why? When viewing details of the query it looks like it’s saying that certain filters are returning no results but how is that possible if algolia doesn’t show filters that would return empty results?

We need to understand this in order to fix the issue if that many people actually are getting no results pages that often.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @supplies,

If you have a typo in your filter or if you are filtering on an attribute that doesn’t exist somewhere in your code, you could be producing empty results.

Can you check your code for any filters that may be set that could possibly return an empty result with no search query?

Best regards,

Thanks but I don’t think that is it, as I cannot recreate the searches that have no results. An odd thing is the value of those filter options in the screenshot; they look more like magento attribute value ids. i’m wondering if this has to do with web crawlers. I have the magento-algolia option to prevent backend rendering except for bing and google bots. I’m going to see how the no results metric changes with backend rendering prevented for all sources.