No Search on Woo Shop Page

Using beta Algolia Woo plugin 0.5.1 and Search by Algolia 1.6.0.

Everything works as expected and the correct products appear on category pages. However, the official WC Shop page remains empty. It is the same template and has the same zoning container. I believe Shop and category pages are both product archives.

I also tried adding:

add_filter( 'algolia_wc_should_display_instantsearch', '__return_true' ); 

Any thoughts on why the Algolia Woocommerce search wouldn’t be injected in the Shop page? Should it not be there?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @trplustr,

there are 2 ways of injection of the search.

  • replace the content on load
  • replace the content when a user starts typing

Currently we support replacing the content of the page on load only on the following pages:

  • Category pages
  • Tag pages
  • Search pages

We also plan to allow you to replace the attribute pages.

For all the other pages, if you used the add_filter( 'algolia_wc_should_display_instantsearch', '__return_true' ); the content is only replaced when a user starts typing in the search bar of your website.

This also means you need to have a search bar on every page of your website.

Regarding the Shop page, I’m glad to have your feedback. I understand you want to display the search on that one instead of the default content of that page?
The search would be the same as on an other page but loaded without any filters?

An idea would be to introduce a shortcode so you can inject instantsearch on other post_page items.

What do you think?

Can you confirm that when you start typing, even on the shop page, the search replaces the content targeted by your configured zoning selector?

Hi @rayrutjes,

Thanks for the insight. There is a search bar on every page for autocomplete. I can confirm that when something is typed into that bar and the algolia_wc_should_display_instantsearch filter is set to true, the content of the shop page is replaced based on the zoning selector.

I think the option to have full search on the shop page on load would be great. Like you said, the same as the category searches but without any preselected filtering. Either a shop page setting or a shortcode would work.

Looking forward to seeing where the plugin goes.

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I posted by mistake with the wrong user account. That was also me.

Well it appeared to me that you guys had some kind of connection :joy:
No worries though!


Did a solution ever come about for adding the full search (sidebar filters and results) into the /shop page on the WooCommerce plugin? It seems a key thing to have so is there a way I can embed that into the page?