Noob issue with the instant search tutorial demo

I am new here and not a programmer, but I am interested in what Algolia could do for me regardless.
I wanted to try out the instant search tutorial demo ( with my own data set so I downloaded its source code and linked the search.js to my index on Algolia. Although my index was exactly the same format as the Best Buy data set when I reloaded the HTML file the left column was blank (despite the right column - which contains the regular keyword search - working just fine). I then linked it to another index of mine with that contained the exact best buy data set included in the source code and the problem persisted.
I would really appreciate it if someone could please explain why this is so and how I could rectify this.

Hi @alexandrekrantz1,

Thanks for contacting Algolia! Algolia is a developer-focused platform, but let’s see if we can get you running.

One possibility is that the attributes have not been set as “facets”. The left-hand column are facets (e.g., brand, category, rating) which are attributes that you have specifically designated as attributesForFaceting so that they can be filtered in the user interface.

If you cannot use the API, then try doing this in the Dashboard:


Otherwise, the best way for us to help you is to see what you did with minimum reproducible code, even in the form where it is not working.

Can you please start with this sandbox and then change it to use your code, as well as Search API Key and AppID so that we can see it not working?