Noob question: how to increase search ranking for an exact match?

New to Algolia, been churning through the search and tie-breaking help docs, but could not really find a way to solve this issue with the Wordpress plugin:

We are finding that searches for a term like “check field” will show articles titled “custom_check_field_index” ahead of an actual articles titled “check field”.

This appears to be due to “date created” as a tie breaker, since all other standard matches are equal, including “qty of matched words” being 2 in both cases.

Is there a way to force all exact matches (where all searched for words are in the title, and no others) to be higher than other types of matches with same qty of search term matches?

Hey Justin,

there’s 2 things you may want to do in this case to improve your search ranking. The first is to set this particular attribute to “unordered” within the “searchable attributes” section of your ranking tab.

This will ensure that we do not discriminate on where the search term is located within the attribute (e.g we won’t rank records differently if “check field” is at the end or beginning of the attribute).

The second change to make is to add the underscore character to the “separators characters to index” list (at the bottom of the ranking tab). This tells Algolia to treat underscores as separate words. This way, any search term separated with underscores as in your example above, will rank lower than those without.

Try these settings out and let us know how you get on!