Not able to add filters to instantSearch Android

Hello there! I am building a searchbar on Android with the widget searchbox, and I tried many things to be able to apply filters to a search, but I wasn’t able to make it work. The code looks like this:

val index = client.initIndex(IndexName(“products”))
val searcher = SearcherSingleIndex(index)
val searchBox = SearchBoxConnector(searcher, searchMode = SearchMode.AsYouType)
val connection = ConnectionHandler(searchBox)

val sbox: SearchBoxView = SearchBoxViewAppCompat(searchView)
connection += searchBox.connectView(sbox)

    val transform: (ResponseSearch) -> List<Product> = { response -> { hit ->
            Log.d("TAG420", "got ${hit.json.getValue("_geoloc")}")
                id = hit.json.get("objectID")?.jsonPrimitive?.content!!,
                owner = hit.json.get("owner")?.jsonPrimitive?.content!!,
                category = hit.json.get("category")?.jsonPrimitive?.content!!,
                description = hit.json.get("description")?.jsonPrimitive?.content!!,
                title = hit.json.get("title")?.jsonPrimitive?.content!!,
                reserved = hit.json.get("title")?.jsonPrimitive?.content.toBoolean(),
                publicationDate = deserializeDate(hit.json),
                pictures = deserializeArray(hit.json.get("pictures").toString()),
                price = hit.json.get("price")?.jsonPrimitive?.content!!.toDouble(),
                location = deserializeLocation(hit.json.get("_geoloc").toString())
    connection += searcher.connectHitsView(myAdapter, transform)

How can I apply the filters here? I see that searcher can have filters but they do not seem to work… I would appreciae your help so much