Not all collections are indexed


We’ve created quite a lot of collections (around 60 I think). However Algolia has only indexed 13 of them. I’ve tried to force a re-index of all collections, but still only 13 are indexed :(.

When I force the re-index, it seems the queue properly indicate there are more than 13 collections:

What could be the issue? :slight_smile:

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We only index collections which:

  • handle isn’t “frontpage”
  • are published on the Online Store
  • have at least one product

I would guess one of those three conditions is false for each of those un-indexed collections.
Does it make sense to you? Are there any that you would like to have indexed which aren’t?

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It’s indeed the “Have at least one product” condition (I’ve just created lot of collections for now but didn’t imported the products… :wink:

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I’m not sure of this condition though. In Shopify themes (we are creating Shopify themes for the theme store), we are explicitly asked that we should handle the case of empty collections, so I suppose (don’t ask me why) that some people create empty collections for a valid reason. So I suppose those ones should be indexed :).

Thanks for this feedback! I would argue that it’s likely to avoid bad surprises for store owners who are setting up their store. It makes it clear and easy to know what should be done to improve the situation.

On the other hand, having a search result for the end-user that won’t provide him/her with any potential solution could lead to a fairly frustrating experience. I’d be happy to be proved wrong and would easily be able to migrate this logic from the back-end to the front-end if needed (so that store owners could remove it if they want to).

To further readers : please feel free to bump this thread if your usage of empty collections pages would make this relevant.

I have no personal opinion on this honestly. I think the filtering could be done directly in JS, but your point makes sense as well. I tihnk you could keep it this way for now :).

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