Not all objects are being saved

I only get about 78-80 records to save when using saveObjects API call. The number of records should be 1,060. The Algolia web interface tells me that my ~80 records average 1.63 KB. When I console.log the response, I see 2 taskIDs and the objectsIDs.length is 1,060. I assume the 2 taskIDs are from 2 batches. I see 2 entries in the log for the saveObjests call that seem to have completed successfully. I’m not getting an error and everything seems to complete normally except that only 80 records are saving. Any ideas why I am not getting the full 1,060 in the data?

 async function callAlgolia(gsa) {
        let gsa2 = formatJson(gsa);
        //console.log(`gsa2 len: ${gsa2.length}`);
        var rez = await index_d.saveObjects(gsa2)
            .then((message) => {
                console.log(`taskID: ${message.taskIDs} ${message.objectIDs.length}`);
                return message.taskIDs.length;
            .catch((err) => {
                console.error(`ERROR in callAgolia -- ${err.message}`);
                return "error";

            return rez;