Not all snippets are always generated

Hi Everyone,
I am facing an issue with highlighting and snippetting of content using instantsearch.js. I’ve created this sandbox to demonstrate the issue

All the records have the text ‘iron man’ in the ‘body’ attribute. ‘body’ attribute is configured for snippetting at algolia dashbaord as well.‘Title’ and ‘Body’ fields are set as searchableAttributes. But if I search for the term ‘iron man’, snippets are not getting generated for some of the results (records with titles page 5 en, page 5 de, page 4 fr etc). These records just show the default snippet instead of trimming to the part where the searched term is present and highlighting the searched term.

If i check the response in the network tab, the ‘match_level’ attribute for these records are ‘none’ even though the text is there in the record.