Number of indices for Magento

When we reindex from our Magento application, we see following indices are created in Algolia.


I understand these are the replicas of primary indice algolia_default_products.
It seems, having these number of indices replicates the record data and our current plan is not sufficient for our entire catalog.

How Algolia consider the record count (against allowed records in purchased plan), Is it total records of all indices or total records in primary indice only?
If it is total records of all indices, Is it possible to maintain only primary indice and how it impacts the search function in Magento website ?

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Hello @rajendrak,

when you remove replicas, you won’t be able to sort results on instant search result page. You can see more information about it here: Redirecting…

So to delete replicas, just remove sort strategies from your configuration. Save the configuration and manually delete “extra” indices.

What we are trying to determine is the expected monthly cost for a client of ours. We are doing our best to go through the calculations but need some assistance. Can we setup a call today to review?