Numeric title matches getting lower ranking

I’m running in to an issue where posts with a post title that partially matches the search term are ranking lower than a post with no matching title and only a typo in the post_content. For example, if I search the index for ‘6210’ it will rank a post with ‘610’ in the post content higher than a post with the post title of ‘S6210 Series’.

I would like it to return the ‘S6210 Series’ result as that is a far more relevant match. I’m using the default ranking options, is there another way to configure the ranking to get the results I’m looking for?

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Hi @gabe,

The engine considers a typo on the first letter worse than a typo in the middle or at the end of the word because it’s not common to do it so that why the records with S6210 are ranked lower than the records with 610.

You can fix your issue with the synonyms feature, if you add a two way synonym 6210==S6210, the order of the results will be fixed.


This would technically work but it puts quite a burden on the site manager as they would then need to go through and either manually create all of those alternate SKU synonyms or develop a pattern to go through and automatically generate those SKUs accordingly. Definitely not ideal but if there’s no other option I guess that’s what they’ll have to do.