NumericMenu grayed out, unable to select


I followed along with the reactinstantsearch example, then changed the data to my own.

Now I’m trying to use the numericMenu widget.

On my app the options are grayed out (not selectable), and the option “All” has been added.
Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 3.57.48 PM

Any pointers? I believe that all my data has attribute “calories” and that the values are all integers. Thanks!

Hi @riverwolfsmoke,

Thanks for reaching out!

Would you be able to reproduce that widget in a sandbox for us to take a look - we have starter sandboxes with most of the boilerplate done, you’d just switch out credentials for your App ID, Search API Key, and index name (all things that would be publicly available anyway):

In addition, please feel free to grant us access to your data in case helpful for us to inspect your records:

Thanks for the response! Right here:

I’ve also noticed the RefinementList widget is missing, same as in my local project.

Hi @riverwolfsmoke,

Would it be possible to give our Support Team access to your account so that we can look at your configuration and data? You can give us support access here.

Turned on access. Thanks!

Hi @riverwolfsmoke,

You will need to set the ‘calories’ attribute as an attributesForFaceting in your configuration.

Thank you @cindy.cullen

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