numericRefinementList counts

Why there are no counts for items on such a list? My attribute is defined in the attributesForFaceting, I can see these facets on the index’ dashboard, but counts are not accessible from instasearch.js (I use v1, but it hasn’t changed in v2). As stated in docs Item template, provided with name, isRefined, url data properties - no count. Why is that?

OK, now I understand. Algolia doesn’t know ranges of my numericRefinementList and is unable to provide counts. Please delete this thread.

If that’s ok with you, I’d happily keep this thread.
This is definitely not something trivial to grasp and assuming that it could be done was actually pretty logical.
Having a thread searchable on Google to explain why not is not a bad idea.

Indeed it’s not trivial - it took me some time to understand this “limitation”.

Now I’m thinking it’d be nice to have access to facet’s stats in the transformData function. In the callback I know ranges of my options, so I can compute counts myself.

So actually, Algolia’s API stats only include min and max for a numeric value for now, so those would unfortunately not help.

Hi! I’m still not sure why the numericRefinementList widget can’t calculate the counts… You have the counts for each specific value. The widget has the ranges. Isn’t it just a matter of summing them together?

I just switched away from numericRefinementList because I find the lack of counts to big of a downside. Users can easily click to refine, and find themselves without any hits whatsoever.