Nuxt/algolia's AlgoliaDocSearch component does not return elements

I am using the @nuxt/algolia package and using the component. I’ve also setup the runtime config as shown below. However queries do not return anything (they say, “no results for ”). When I look at the chrome network tab I can see the queries are coming back as status 200 and the correct index name is being called, but when I click on them and the web page opens there is an error {“message”:“indexName is not valid”,“status”:400}.

The weird thing here is that I have custom js code that uses the same env variables including the indexName and that code works. What am I doing wrong?

algolia: {
    apiKey: process.env.ALGOLIA_SEARCH_API_KEY,
    applicationId: process.env.ALGOLIA_APPLICATION_ID,
    docSearch: {
      indexName: process.env.ALGOLIA_INDEX
    <AlgoliaDocSearch />