Nuxt and Routing

I am trying to enable routing using Algolia Instantsearch in a Nuxt App. I’ve followed the docs and it is working to the point that I am connected to the index and I can filter and browse at my leisure, however, the URL is not synced with the UI state. Enabling any filters doesn’t change the url, or the other way around. In addition, this is appended “Spree_Product=%5Bobject%20Object%5D”.

I guess that I am a bit lost how I am supposed to combine everything as the docs don’t elaborate on it. My current implementation is exactly as the Nuxt part in the docs. However, it lacks the stateMapping and everything described in the SEO Friendly URLs. For example, how do we implement the CreateURL code with VueRouter and Nuxt?

Reading the the Instantsearch.js docs as well as the source code provides an understanding of what vue-instantsearch expects in the router object. This wasn’t clear from the vue-instantsearch docs alone.