Nuxt toggle facets dynamically on pageload

Hey guys!

I have an ecommerce page on nuxt set up with algolia. There are some short questions before a user gets to the product listing page. On the listing page I want to display the whole category of items the user selected before the questions and the answers the user gave should be applying facets on the page.

So far, I know how to implement this behaviour as an <ais-instant-search/> <ais-configure/> component so it displays the products with the filters and facets correctly. However, these facets are not in their selected state in the <ais-refinement-list/> component and I cannot remove the refinements through this component but this is the wanted behaviour.

Can someone please point me in the direction I should be looking? Is this only achievable with the algoliasearch-helper package?

Let me know if I should add something and thanks in advance!