objectID automatically assigned but still creates duplicates

Hello everyone,
I’m using “react-instantsearch-dom”: “^5.7.0”, “algoliasearch”: “^3.35.0”, “react”: “^16.10.1”, and “next”: “^8.1.0”, along with Prismic CMS and for some reason, when I’m adding my data into algolia, even though it automatically assigns an objectID, it still creates duplicates.

Did anyone had something like this before? Or has an idea how to fix it?


If you don’t assign an objectID to the object that you are adding, then it will create duplicate entries with different objectID. Else, Algolia won’t know whether an update is needed, or a new add is needed.


Thanks for clarifying that, but I’m afraid that might not work in my case as I’m using Prismic CMS and I have all the data from their api. Is there any other solution for headless CMSs?