objectID is not a Searchable Attribute

Hello! Hoping someone can shed some light on my current issue. I’ve uploaded some sample JSON data without an objectID, which Algolia has created for me instead. The docs say that the objectID “can be searched by declaring it as a searchableAttributes.”

However in my index settings, objectID does not appear in the searchable attribute dropdown.

I’ve looked at the demo index populated in Algolia as well and it doesn’t appear there. Am I missing something? How can I add this as a searchable attribute in the GUI? I’m currently using React InstantSearch.

Thank you!

Welcome to the Forum! ObjectID does not need to be declared as a searchable attribute unless it’s something that users are likely to be looking through. This is most likely not the case if it’s being auto-generated. Still, you should be able to do this by explicitly typing in “objectID” into the searchable attributes dropdown and hitting enter.

I hope this helps!