Offline for web?

I know that Algolia has offline support for Android and iOS.

Any plans to enable offline search for web clients?

Hi Sam,

There is no project going this way for now. I think in general very few webapps are built to work offline, compared to desktop or mobile apps.

Did you have something in mind, a web app you’re working on where you’d need offline search?

Hi Julien

Thanks for your quick response.

As a personal project I’ve been looking into offline enabled (i.e. client-side) search for the web and wondered if Algolia is doing anything with this.

I’ve looked at JavaScript search libraries such as Fuse and ElasticLunr, which work pretty well, but also I’m interested in combining offline (for no connectivity or flakey connectivity) and online (when available).



Did you find any solution for this?

I’m trying to make autocomplete work offline, even if I lose insights and more advanced stuff.

yeah, is this possible now since this post is 3 years old?

I know this post is old but I’m still in the same point as you were. My webapp is made for gardens so… sometimes there is no connectivity or flakey connectivity (as you said).

Did you find a way to still use Algolia?
I managed to use Fuse.js with Algolia Autocomplete but I’m not sure how I did it and it doesn’t work anymore after I changed from Parcel to Vite/Rollup. I like the UI Library and I would like to use Algolia when the webapp is online but I don’t know if I can manage both setups when right now I can’t even fix the one I was using :smile:

This can be challenging since Algolia as a managed service accessed via API – results should typically come fresh from the API.

That said, there are tricks around server side rendering, etc. you can use to give low bandwidth/no bandwidth users a better experience.

Sarah Dayan gave a great talk around this topic at the Remix conference. Her examples are Remix-centric, but the patterns could apply anywhere.

EDIT: Helps if I link to the presentation: "Outstanding Search Experiences with Remix and Algolia" by Sarah Dayan at #RemixConf 💿 - YouTube

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