On iPhone my results disappear when I hit "Done" to hide the keyboard

When doing a search on my iPhone 5s, I type a search term and hit the “Done” button to clear the keyboard away in order to see the results, it also removes the results.

Is there any chance to avoid this? It seems to be default behaviour, but wondering if it can keep the results after hitting the “Done” button.

Thanks in advance!

That depends on what integration you’re using. Assuming you’re using autocomplete.js (which I know has that issue) there’s a workaround: namely setting debug to true.

If you’re using another integration, the solution is different though.

Regarding the website, that is something we fixed recently, but hasn’t deployed yet.

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Thanks @haroen for the quick response. I’m using the Magento extension, I don’t have an autocomplete.js file there. Do you know the solution for Magento?

Thanks in advance!

Hmm, did you update to the latest version? As far as I know the Magento extension does that by default already

Cc @jan.petr

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@haroen I updated to the last version and it works well! Thank you!

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That’s great! Enjoy your search!

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