Only display child terms in Facet


I have a project using WordPress, and I have a custom taxonomy, global_tag:

“taxonomies_hierarchical”: {
“global_tag”: {
“lvl0”: [
“Years and Months”,
“Press and Media”,
“Resource Types”,
“Solutions by Name”
“lvl1”: [
“Years and Months > 2022”,
“Employees > Harry Bunce”,
“Press and Media > Execution”,
“Resource Types > News”,
“Solutions > Reference Data”,
“Expertise > Regulations”,
“Solutions by Name > Acme AI”
“lvl2”: [
“Years and Months > 2022 > 07 - July 2022”

In total there are around 100 terms and I want to split these across multiple facets. For example I need a Facet ‘Resource Types’ and I would like to only display child terms of the Resource Types term in my facet.

Is this possible with Instantsearch, or would I need to reformat my raw data?

Thanks as always.

Sorry for this earlier, and slightly dumb question. I have just generated new arrays in my json by extracting the desired terms from my taxonomy. Then just used these as attributes in standard refinementLists.

Obviously better to get your data right first :slight_smile: